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By Partnerships in Community Living

Furnish Someone's Home

Often people we support go through the same homeowner challenges anyone else encounters, and that includes replacing old furniture that’s run its course. Additionally sometimes special furniture adapted to someone's specific need is required and often more costly than standard furniture.

New, good quality, and/or specialized furniture enriches people's lives and will make a lasting impact on their day to day lifestyle.

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Purchase Assistive Technology

Technology has come so far in helping people with various abilities enhance their skills. Whether it's a set of hearing aids (which most insurance plans only cover 1 set per 5 years, even if a set breaks), an iPhone tablet with voice command or text to speak, and the ability to add apps including picture scheduling and task management, we're learning more and more each day how people with various disabilities can better learn and communicate with the right tools.

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Sponsor Advanced Training

Advanced training for employees at PCL directly impacts the people we support by providing the best possible person-centered services.

NADSP credentialing: National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals "Working to enhance the status of direct support professionals and promote the development of a highly competent human services workforce."

The NW Conference, presented by ORA, is the premier regional event for professional development in disability services. This educational 2-day event brings together national and regional experts, leaders of service provider organizations, state and county decision makers, and vendors of new and innovative products.

Local 1 to 2 day long trainings & seminars are offered several times throughout the year and are hosted by different organizations. They are researched and approved by our HR team before announced to PCL employees.

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